As she gazes out at the city beyond, she soon finds that the sharp minute hand has begun to dig into her neck. At one point, pressure against her neck causes her eye to fall and roll down into the gutter and then to the street below. Finally, the clock has fully severed her head from her body.

For a moment, she wonders which is the real Zenobia: her headless body or her severed head.

The head then gives a heroic speech which Zenobia's body cannot hear because it has no ears.

Poe may have intended this as a jab at women writers.

The stories were retitled when they were republished in Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque in 1840.

"A Predicament" is a humorous short story by Edgar Allan Poe, usually combined with its companion piece "How to Write a Blackwood Article." It was originally titled "The Scythe of Time".

The paired stories parody the Gothic sensation tale, popular in England and America since the early 19th century.

"A Predicament" was adapted in 2000 for National Public Radio by the Radio Tales series, under the name "Edgar Allan Poe's Predicament".

Predicament is a 2010 comedy horror film based on the 1975 novel by Ronald Hugh Morrieson and starring Jemaine Clement of the musical comedy duo Flight of the Conchords plus Tim Finn of the Finn Brothers.

Naïve teenager Cedric Williamson is involved with two older criminally inclined misfits in photographing and blackmailing amorous couples, and ends up an accomplice to murder.