Hi there all – I have been asked about sedating horses to clip them quite a lot lately, so I thought I would explain some of the drugs used, including estimate prices.These are, of course, subject to change but are correct at this time.You must be careful when using it – read the packet thoroughly and dispose of safely; a single dose syringe is approximately . It's often easier to use these than to mess around with milder oral options and can work out quite well financially, especially if you book in on a zone visit day or in conjunction with other work to do.

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Whatever sedation used, a lot of horses don't like having their faces and ears clipped in which case sensible use of a twitch may help.

Never leave twitches on too long and make sure you let the endorphins kick in before you start.

An average 500kg horse may take 0.5ml Dormosedan and 1 ml Butorgesic; if you know your horse is one of those REALLY resentful ones then we often have to go for a stronger dose straight off.

It's really helpful if you know the dose of which drug worked last time if you have one of these gems – 1ml of Dormosedan works a lot better than 2 injections of 0.5ml but I would never give a horse 1ml straight off unless I knew that's what he needed previously.

Dormosedan Gel contains the stronger Detomidine Hcl.

It has to be given under the tongue and it takes 40 minutes to kick in.Some horses just never get used to the feeling though – I find the ticklish ones are the worst as the scared ones chill out when they realise it doesn't hurt.Firstly, you have the choice of oral or injectable sedations.Example of sedation to clip: Zone Visit - (Carterton on Thursdays) Examine horse – includes first 15 minutes Xylazine - .55/ml 3 x .55 = .65 Plus of course you can get the 10% discount for paying at the time so would be .39.Horses strongly resenting being clipped or ticklish horses sometimes need a mixture of Dormosedan and Butorgesic.Xylazine works well for first time horses or those that are a little scared.