Hi Louis, I'm afraid I can't find an appropriate solution to your problem without additional information.

Can you post here a small sample project that demonstrates your issue?

In the case of deleting an appointment we are in fact using Appointment. Another related issue is that with the model we sent to you we often experience the delete event being fired twice when we press the delete button once..

bindingsource not updating-58

Thanks, Elliot Hi Elliot I have not been succesful in porting the problem to your example...

but maybe you can take a look at the code we're using..

However - and despite what you stated earlier - autoload set to true does NOT refresh the storage when the datasource is updated (when running in unbound mode).

If you believe to this should be considered as a bug.

We've had similar problems before and they were related to the scheduler Control not being entirely done with it's work when we try to reload the datasource.. In this case, when the data source is modified, data is automatically reloaded. If you want to delete an appointment, you should use the Appointment. The binding source will be updated automatically, if you delete/update/create appointments in the scheduler storage.

as you can tell from the code we're trying all sorts of stuff to make sure the Scheduler is done, but sometimes we still get weird artifacts like deleted appointment that still appears after we reload the datasource.. Auto Reload property is set to true, you don't need to call the Scheduler Storage Base. Thanks, Elliot Hi Elliot The reason that we use both auto Update and Refresh Data is an act of desperation...

In code the Scheduler Control's datasource is assigned to a bindingsource which should switch it to Bound mode. Auto Reload is set to True and I have attempted to use the Reload Data() method on both the Scheduler Control and the Scheduler Storage, neither have the expected effect.

The data is not updated correctly unless I manually in code re-assign the Scheduler Control's datasource to the updated Binding Source.

Would it be possible for you to provide the sample structured around those versions instead? I've converted the attached project by following your requirements.