Adding, Formatting, Resizing, Rotating and Moving Text 4.

Cropping Pages and Documents Advanced PDF Editing 1.

Using 'AND' and 'OR' Conditions Advanced Queries 1.

macro consolidating workbooks-31

Enforcing Table Joins and Changing Link Types Basic Formatting Techniques 1.

Editing the Selection Formula Sorting and Grouping Records 1.

Optimizing a PDF for File Size and Compatibility Bookmarks 1.

Assigning Actions to Bookmarks Adding Multimedia Content and Interactivity 1.

Early Payment Discounts Behavior of Costs and Expenses 1. Break-Even Analysis and Contribution Margin Ratio 3.

Analyzing and Reporting Variances Profit and Budget Planning 1.

Sharing PDFs by Email and with Adobe Send Now Creating PDFs 1. The Advanced Category in Preset Adobe PDF Settings 11. PDF Preferences in Excel, Power Point, and Word 15.

The Images Category in Preset Adobe PDF Settings 8. The Color Category in Preset Adobe PDF Settings 10.

Using Tracker to Manage PDF Reviews Creating and Working with Portfolios 1.