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“Should the definition of national security be broadened to address concerns about propaganda and control of the media and ‘soft power’ institutions? Derek Scissors, a scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, said that with China breaking records for U. investment it was inevitable that Congress would get involved.

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“I would like to avoid Wanda for a little while,” Scissors said.

“I’d go deal with somebody else who doesn’t have that big of a footprint. Don’t pour oil on the fire.” Wanda is facing political scrutiny at the local level as well.

“Would we raise questions if Russia or Iran was buying large parts of U. “Raising questions about Chinese investment is no different.” The principal author of the letter is Rep.

Robert Pettinger, R-North Carolina, who has been outspoken in the past about various Chinese acquisitions in other sectors.

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Oh, or the million solo record deal he signed earlier this year?The rise of Chinese investment in Hollywood is raising alarms in Congress, which could complicate studios’ ambitions to strengthen ties to the Middle Kingdom. The letter cited the Dalian Wanda Group’s acquisitions of Legendary Entertainment, AMC and Carmike Cinemas, and warned of “growing concerns” of Chinese efforts to exert “propaganda controls on American media.” Wanda has been on a buying spree, of late, announcing a merger between AMC and Carmike that would make it the largest exhibitor in the world.The latest salvo came in a letter from 16 members of Congress last week, which called for closer scrutiny of Chinese investment in the U. Earlier this week, news broke that Wanda plans to form a multi-picture alliance with Sony Pictures. Chris Smith, a Republican from New Jersey, warned that growing Chinese investment could raise strategic concerns. Of course we would,” Smith said in a statement to .S., a body made up of various administration agencies.The letter also warns of foreign investments in agribusiness and telecommunications, and includes some pointed commentary about the level of overseas money in the media business.Two Democrats joined 14 Republicans in signing the letter, which seeks a review from the Government Accountability Office of existing regulations.