Tarantino's films have garnered both critical and commercial success.He has received many industry awards, including two Academy Awards, two Golden Globe Awards, two BAFTA Awards and the Palme d'Or, and has been nominated for an Emmy and a Grammy.

Even stumbling on rocks she regains her footing, and her “girl fight” is executed with confidence and precision.

She is actually running in midair as she jumps off that cliff.“When I’m not focused, I’m quite possibly one of the more clumsy people on the planet,” said Ms.

His father is of Italian descent, and his mother has English and Irish ancestry.

Quentin was named after Quint Asper, Burt Reynolds' character in the CBS series Gunsmoke.

Bell, who took up martial arts as a child when she grew too tall to be a gymnast. I elbow my boyfriend in bed accidentally frequently.

It’s an ongoing thing.” So why no bruises in her Hateful Eight premier photos? “But maybe you’re too distracted by my see-through dress to notice.”Ms.

It became the highest-grossing film of his career so far, making over 5 million at the box office.

His eighth film, the mystery Western The Hateful Eight, was released in its roadshow version December 25, 2015, in 70 mm film format, complete with opening "overture" and halfway-point intermission, after the fashion of big-budget films of the 1960s and early 1970s.

His long-postponed Inglourious Basterds, which tells the fictional alternate history story of two plots to assassinate Nazi Germany's political leadership, was released in 2009 to positive reviews.

After that came 2012's critically acclaimed Django Unchained, a Western film set in the antebellum era of the Deep South.

; born March 27, 1963) is an American director, writer, and actor.