Not impressed with how "atheist" concentrates on the negative aspects, "PEARL" stands for Physical Evidence And Reasoned Logic, which are positive aspects of his personal belief.

Essentially, PEARL is synonymous with strong empiricism, indicating that a PEARList doesn't believe in things that can't be observed and tested.

Some nutjobs have interpreted this as condoning genocide of Muslims, particularly Dawahfilms, who was responsible for making an alleged "death threat" against Thunderf00t, as claimed by the latter.

In late 2009, similar claims were made against a You Tube user named dprjones, who, given Venom Fang X's previous record, would not accept a simple apology.

The incident climaxed with dprjones, Thunderf00t, and a few others intervening with Venom Fang X and his parents to get him psychological help.

On July 10, 2011, Thunderf00t posted an interview with two members of the infamous Westboro Baptist Church, "Megan" and "Margie." While Thunderf00t tried patiently to talk and reason with the WBC members, they talked over him and often insulted him, calling him "silly," "donkey's ass," "little girl," "little boy," "pervert," and other names.

The interview began with a discussion of the Iraq War and the WBC's best-known claim, that God kills American and British soldiers because of the "sinful" policies of both countries.

Comfort declined at first, but eventually accepted, on the condition that Thunderf00t pay $100,000 to Richard Dawkins.

This condition was eventually dropped, and the Most viewers thought they'd see a debate where Comfort was systematically destroyed, but were disappointed as Thunderf00t remained calm and reasoned.

He did unsettle Comfort by asking him to defend his argument that morality is rooted in the Bible against the hypothetical possibility that the Bible could have advocated pedophilia. Thunderf00t did better in this debate, arguing against Comfort's willingness to leap to eternal moral conclusions.

Towards the end of 2009, Thunderf00t managed to get an interview/discussion with Richard Dawkins.

It consists of 43 videos (and one additional "Did Hitler worship God or Evolution? The series has collectively garnered several million views.