Me and my fiancé have been been engaged for a year but we've been together for almost 5 and I'm so proud of it.

We still celebrate another year together every year.

This link to is pretty good for a list of all anniversary gifts from the 1st to 100th.

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Just remember to set alarms so you don’t forget them 😉 It’s probably my fault we have so many significant dates to celebrate.

I don’t mind – in fact it kind of keeps me on my toes.

We both write on the same topic but only get to read the other’s work after it’s published.* This He Said / She Said post is inspired by a question from Sonia of Sonia Styling who asked: We wouldn’t be Mr and Mrs Romance without an alarming number of romantic dates to celebrate, would we?!

I like to celebrate at any opportunity, so the more the merrier.

Anyway, the short and long of it is that we celebrate the 15th of every month. These days it’s not a big thing – we just wish each other a happy ‘Miniversary’ – a phrase I coined – then on the 15th September, our ‘Maxiversary’, we usually do something a bit more special. Of course, these days, the Maxiversary has been superseded by our wedding anniversary – 8th March.

Fortunately (and perhaps fortuitously) this is also International Women’s Day – another handy way for me to remember this very important day!

My husband says that one more important because without that time together we won't have a marriage anniversary.

Also, he says that if we would not have had a second date to remember if I would have just been willing to get married on a weekday lol Being with someone for another year longer is a huge accomplishment. Be proud of your relationship and celebrate with that person.

My husband and I actually went on our first date on his birthday so every year I would just say how ever many birthdays we've been together.