She makes per hour offering violin and viola lessons but regularly supplements her income baby-sitting at an hour for one child.

The fluent Russian speaker, who has nine top-rated references on Urban Sitter, says she only turns work down if it clashes with one of her concert performances.

And by the end of the night, she doesn’t just have one email address saved in her phone. Dubbed ‘Speed Friending’, ‘Mummy Dating’ (or ‘Mommy Dating’ in the States), events that pair new mums together are taking off across the UK.

“College applications assume that you have other activities than schoolwork — and baby-sitting doesn’t count as an extra-curricular activity.” That’s good news for the super sitters, the child caregiver/tutor hybrid who is particularly popular with families in tony Park Slope, Tri Be Ca and the Upper East Side.

Many are background-checked and take credit cards though the new Web site Urban Sitter, the baby-sitting equivalent of Open Table.

By contrast, 57 percent were between the ages of 22 and 30.

“Teens are much busier now than they were 30 years ago,” says PSP founder Susan Fox.

She’s wearing a new top she picked up from Zara, and she’s feeling increasingly self conscious as she waits to be joined at her table.

‘I don’t know why I’m doing this,’ she mumbles to herself as she checks her phone for texts from the babysitter.

She speaks about her passion for kids with the enthusiasm of a pageant queen holding out for world peace. “I charge per hour,” she tells the West Village mom as the interview reaches its conclusion.

Then, the aspiring actress leans back in her seat and crosses her arms. The attractive young woman is typical of New York City’s new breed of “super sitters” — bright young professionals who have first-aid training, a college degree and the word for diaper in four different languages.

“We pay between and per hour, and it starts to add up,” she says.

“Handing over , plus the cost of a cab, pushes an already expensive night out right over the top.” Gone is the day when the perky high school student down the block would happily watch your kids for bucks and a can of Coke.

Such is the demand, rates of to per hour are becoming the norm.