Then ask students to interview the abuser and the victim.

Why would a victim feel that their dating partner s controlling behavior is okay?

Ways to Prevent Abuse: Ask students to review the list of ways they can prevent dating abuse. Did you or they take action to prevent a boundary violation? Have students let a relationship go on longer than they wanted? Break students into small groups to brainstorm about ways to prevent boundary violations and to end dating relationships. ACTIVITIES Unhealthy Relationships: Ask students to make a list of unhealthy behaviors in dating relationships. Healthy Relationships: Ask students to make a list of things they value in relationships. Does the length of time you know someone determine how well you know them?

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You may ask students to consider the contents of the course through keeping a journal, role playing, or other creative methods.

You can also break the class into small groups to discuss and analyze a topic, and then have each group present their collaborative findings to the class. What makes an argument or conflict different from abusive behavior? Examples of Dating Abuse: What are examples of emotional abuse, physical abuse, and sexual abuse in dating relationships?

2012 Shield The 1277 Treat Blvd #530 Walnut More information What is teenage relationship abuse?

It is important to read the overview document in full before starting this lesson plan.

There is advice on how to run each session as well as advice on how to set clear More information 8 th grade Human Sexuality Unit Project: Designing a Healthy Relationship Model Directions: 1.

Read the attached handout, Am I in a Healthy Relationship? Consider the Equity wheel (below) and Power More information The NO MORE Study: Teens and Young Adults on Dating Violence and Sexual Assault January 2013 EMBARGOED UNTIL MARCH 13 TH, A. EST Gf K 2013 The NO MORE Study: Teens and Young Adults on Dating Violence More information HOW S YOUR RELATIONSHIP?

Ask students for examples from their own experiences.

How did personal boundaries play a part in Bobby s story? Terri and Amy s Story: Can controlling behavior sometimes feel like love or caring? Why do victims often feel that things will get better when they are experiencing abuse?

Identify 3 ways puberty is More information 1 Lesson 9 (Extension or Alternative): Healthy Relationships OBJECTIVES 1.

Students will identify characteristics of healthy and unhealthy relationships. Students will review characteristics of abuse More information What Makes a Healthy Relationship?

Teasing and name-calling are often considered a normal part of dating relationships, but these behaviors can lead to physical violence. peers, parents or other adults, media) present unhealthy relationships, suggesting that violence is acceptable. Define Dating Abuse: What does it mean to be controlling in a dating relationship? ACTIVITIES Large Group Discussion: As a class, review the Power and Control Wheel in the course. Why might one partner not want to share power in a relationship?