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Do Wrap-up the exception From the bottom to top, if the code throws all the exceptions as it is, the top level must handle or know about too many exceptions, so must wrapper the exceptions, log down it and pass to the above layer.

For example, if DAO layer got some exception like SQLExcpetion, the end user or UI not necessarily say what is the error, instead this code wrap up as System Exception and pass it to the above layer, even though wrap that to system exception it should be logged down properly in the log files as SQLException, otherwise developer or operation people get confused about the exceptions.

Do not throw the irrelevant / unknown exceptions to the caller This is one of the important point in exception handling, code shouldn't throw all the exceptions to the caller, if any exception which can be handled by own, that exceptions must be handled then and there, for example, a method is trying to connect to Database and it throws Connection Could not established exception, then code should not throw this to handler, the method must handle and do some recoveries like re try or try to connect to the alternate Database.

Do catch the specific exception than the toplevel or generic exceptions3. Do not throw the irrelevant exceptions to the caller5. Do catch the specific exception than the top-level or generic exceptions Catch the specific exceptions as much as possible; do not just catch the generic exceptions.trycatch(File Not Found Exception fnf Ex)catch(IOException io Ex)catch(Exception ex)3. Compiler won't force us to handle the unchecked exceptions, it doesn't mean we no need to handle, for the good exceptiona handling must handle all the exceptions as much as possible.4.

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