And when this boy was able to see that DQ was into him, he asked her to be his girlfriend.

“I guess what Frizz should do is just really try to get to know this girl better, then get her number, and when the moment seems right, tell her how he feels and see if she feels the same way,” DQ advised.

But while painful at first, barreling through that shyness isn’t lethal.

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Posted in Life, teens, The Love Front, Writing stories, tagged dating, friends, friendship, introverted, love, making friends, relationships, romance, shyness, writers, writing a novel on January 28, 2013| 2 Comments » I went out to lunch with a coworker today.

She’s someone I have known for years, and have always thought she was just a wonderful person.

I enjoy digging around in the dirt trying to make plants grow.

Thinking it would be a lot more fun in a group of single people.

But these are no longer sacrifices as we gain so much more – more time with each other, a shared life, a break in the financial obligations, and all the of living with the one you love.

There was plenty of discussion before we finally came to this stage of feeling confident enough (and out of shellshock from our previous divorces) to be able to live with someone we love once again, plus going through the complicated process of combining families.

I’ve always left it up to others to try and get to know me better because it’s just easier that way, you know? Naturally that must mean I have tons of friends, right? We ended up having over an hour of fantastic conversation as we discussed everything from our kids to our faith, and everything in between.

When we got back to our desks, she emailed me the kindest note.

I'm a mid-40 year old man and wondering if anyone could suggest anything or else tell me that wine country isn't a great idea for solos.