The Progress Bar control is typically used when an application performs tasks such as copying files or printing documents.

To a user the application might look unresponsive if there is no visual cue.

Value = value) Dim progress = CType(progress Handler, IProgress(Of Integer)) Await Task. The next step would be to create a custom progress bar that exposes events for when rendering has completed. Visual Styles Public Class Form1 Inherits Form Private With Events bar1 As Progress Bar With Render = New Progress Bar With Render() Public Sub New() Initialize Component() Me. LCD does not flicker that intense, but if you need a high framerate, and 60 is not enough, then you can still 'see' the problems with 60 and it looks mcuh better with 100 or higher.

I have a progressbar which receives the amount of Sub directorys within a main directory as a Maximum value and when i run the program It goes through the directorys to grab all the files within the subdirectory.

This is the code below which is updating the progressbar. Place a progressbar, button and Numeric Up Down control on a form.

Load 'create two progress bars Dim Progress Bar1 As Progress Bar Dim Progress Bar2 As Progress Bar Progress Bar1 = New Progress Bar() Progress Bar2 = New Progress Bar() 'set position Progress Bar1. Location = New Point(10, 50) 'set values Progress Bar1.

Hi guys I have a small problem but cant think whats wrong with it at the moment..

The Minimum and Maximum properties are used to set the minimum and maximum values that the progress bar can display.

The Value property specifies the current position of the progress bar. I have worked around this issue by starting a stopwatch and waiting until 600ms after the last step change before quitting, allow the progressbar time to move to the required 100%Much simpler solution, I don't blame you. I'll contemplate whether it's worth raising an MS request on the connect site or similar, for a similar post rendering event available from the standard progress bar . What you're forgetting to take into consideration is that if you close the splash screen right after finishing the loading process you miss the human delay time in recognizing movement. Hence the question - "Is there some event I can use to find out when the progress bar has finished redrawing? Initialize Component() ' Add any initialization after the Initialize Component() call. Download String Completed, Address Of client_Download String Completed Add Handler client. But I guess your solution to ad a delay of 100ms would be best, since it requirest the fewest changes and is still working. I guess Do Events won't work in paint, since paint needs to finish. Sleep(10) Next End Sub End Class 'Form1 Public Class Progress Bar With Render Inherits Control Public Delegate Sub Rendered Event Args(By Val value Rendered As Integer) Public Event On Rendered As Rendered Event Args Private Progress Bar Rectangles() As Rectangle Public Property [Step] As Integer Public Property Inner Padding As Integer = 3 Private _Maximum As Integer Public Property Maximum As Integer Get Return _Maximum End Get Set(value As Integer) _Maximum = value Calculate Tick Sizes() End Set End Property Private _Minimum As Integer Public Property Minimum As Integer Get Return _Minimum End Get Set(value As Integer) _Minimum = value Calculate Tick Sizes() End Set End Property Private _Value As Integer Public Property Value As Integer Get Return _Value End Get Set(new Value As Integer) If new Value 0 Then Throw New Not Implemented Exception("Progress Bar With Render does not support decrementing the value") End If Me._Value = new Value End Set End Property Public Sub Perform Step() ' Ensure step doesn't exceed boundaries If Value [Step] 1 and marked as the answer - thanks for the full solution, but I think this is a little over complex for what it is doing. Regular Expressions Public Class Form1 Dim client As New Web Client Public Sub New() ' This call is required by the Windows Form Designer. When finished and it still doesn't work, then either add a doevents, or a small delay. Invalidate (force a repaint), add code to paint, which checks if paint is executed, and then close the form.It has a couple basic properties for setting Max/Min values, Performing steps, and setting the value directly. I've tested this by changing the sleep interval to various amounts, in all cases the form displayed the progress bar as full before closing. Maximum 'Convert the double to an integer Dim val As Integer = Convert. Full Name) For Each Row In client Data Dim new Row As New Array List For Each value As String In Row new Row. Information, "Processing Cancelled.") End If btn Start FP. Enabled = False mod Session Clients(l Clients) mod Session Settings(new Settings) If (Msg Box("Report Finished, Would you like to go to the results? Yes No, "Report Finished") = vb Yes) Then frm Report.