In 2007 the Galleria de Paco opened as one of the loveliest, most unusual restaurants in the country.Since its opening it’s drawn national and international attention, including being featured on ABC News, The Today Show, NPR, and The Rachel Ray Show, and in newspapers that include the .," vocalist Corey Taylor shared some disturbing details on what went on in the vocal booth while he was recording the 15-minute title track.

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While its food is hearty and delicious, its primary draw is the beauty of Paco’s paintings.“When we opened, people asked, why all the naked people up there on the ceiling? “I told them, they are naked in Rome, and so they are naked in Iowa.”When I visited the restaurant I unfortunately didn’t get the chance to meet Paco, but I had a long and wonderful conversation with Jacky.

When I asked him what made him happiest about the restaurant, he said, “This is the greatest country in the world.

Carrie Sapp, who co-owns the Carroll Redemption Center with her husband Brad, was working Wednesday morning when she heard a man say 'I'm in your chimney,' she told the local newspaper Daily Times Herald.

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Paco learned to work magic with spray paint, creating murals, tagging railroad cars and studying with the top graffiti artist in Germany.

“One day Paco showed me a mural he had done, while his teacher stood right beside him,” said Jacky proudly. ) But today’s post is about a wonderful restaurant I’ve discovered in eastern Iowa.I know it’s too far away for many of my readers to visit, but I hope you’ll enjoy its story, which really does tie into the theme of spiritual travels.We came here with nothing, and look what we have now. In no other place can such things happen.”So each evening in Waterloo, people can dine underneath scenes of the Last Judgment, with Adam, Moses, Jesus, and the saints gazing down on them. There are so many things I love about this story, but perhaps my favorite is this. ”Now that’s the sort of extravagant love of which parables are made, isn’t it?When Paco said he wanted to re-create the Sistine Chapel Ceiling with spray paint, his parents didn’t say no. Speaking to the aforementioned site, he said: “The biggest memory for me was recording ‘Iowa‘ naked, cutting myself up with a broken candle. It was the one time that producer Ross Robinson didn’t come in the vocal booth with me.