I don’t know about you, but I can generally smell a conversation that’s designed to change my mind from miles away, especially when it’s initiated by someone who normally doesn’t call just to say hello. I would love to hear what you and your brilliant readers have to say. My advice is hopelessly generic and is all “go for it, tiger, be honest and transparent and do not use people as experiments, but if you want to kiss someone and that person is into it, godspeed.” OH, I do feel very, very confident in saying that you should not say anything about the mysteries of your first oral encounter with a woman during the experience itself, though. I mean, don’t ever use the word “experimental” with a woman who dates women, but the rest of it is fine. I don’t know why it hasn’t happened earlier for you; I also don’t think being “well-adjusted sexually” is necessarily a fixed and universal thing, since having sex is an entirely distinct proposition with each new partner, so don’t feel worried that you weren’t so well-adjusted you didn’t adjust yourself into homosexuality at the age of nine.

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You’ve been dating for a while, sure, but you’re also you’re not exactly a late-in-life dyke bloomer.

Plenty of bisexual and lesbian women haven’t had their first girlfriend or hookup by their mid-20s.

We’ve chatted a few times since she went away to college about her part-time job, classes, and missing her boyfriend, who attends a different school a few hours away.

I was surprised when I talked to my dad a few weeks ago and he mentioned that she is working on a plan to transfer to a new school.

The first red flag to me was that she wants to transfer to her boyfriend’s school, which…eww in general.

It’s also not as academically challenging and my sister is very smart.My sister is a blonde, blue-eyed white girl and just went away to college earlier this fall.I just found out that she wants to transfer to go to a “less urban” college.Women will be if they decide to turn you down, and women will almost always show up on time when you’ve made plans together.So: be honest about your history, by all means, but don’t make it the first thing a prospective date learns about you.Call her, and ask about him, and how’s she’s feeling about it.