The stats are impressive, with people on average giving 40% of their dates on a given night the highest possible romantic rating.So for instance if you are matched with 8 people on a given night, on average, you will want to see again, and be attracted to 3-4 of them, giving those people the highest possible rating.In my personal dealings with the company, it appeared to me that customer service seemed to be one of the bigger issues fast impressions had, it seemed to build a reputation for being pretty terrible service with unorganized events and contractor hosts who did not know what they were doing.

I email them my credit card bill to show them that the money has went through and they sill didn't accept even when I ask for the money back or wouldn't talk to me over the phone about the issue.

They were even so rude in the emails that I was so shock when I read the emails. Would not gave good rates, as they are only after your money.

While people keep saying that there are plenty of fish in the sea, knowing where they like to swim is the eternal mystery.

Catch up with the pod with a ticket to any Fast Impressions speed dating event for just $29.

In many cases this lead to cost cutting and higher prices. They also tried to bring up their numbers by hosting way to many events and often spamming their members on a daily basis with up coming events and last minute tickets.

The transition between local management and overseas management did not appear to go smoothly either and as a result this only hurt the company more and their relationship with venue owners, customers and their overall reputation deteriorated quickly .

I initially didn't notice anything wrong as I was a re-attending until I initiated a dead-end conversation with these girls.

However, I particularly knew these girls because there were extremely unresponsive.

There is a saying that goes Their lack of service, cost cutting and overall bad organisation of events and management is what lead me to start this company and by taking a page of “what not to do” we have managed to create a speed dating experience that our clients love and highly recommend.

This is what we do differently The biggest priority I have when it comes to our events is to make sure people know that they are valued and we host our events in the best interest of our customers.

I have been getting a lot of questions from people who attend my events and one of the most common ones I have been getting lately is, “what happened to fast impressions?