This is why Persona 4 simply cannot be contrived as a dating sim first - and if anyone bought it with that notion, prepare to be disappointed.

Spreading that ridiculous fallacy as some rooted fact is reckless, base, and misleading.

Yeah I would say that is nice exaggeration of what is on these boards everywhere now, it'll change when Persona 5 comes out, they'll flock to those boards and hate it...

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Admittedly, Golden adds sooooooooo much extra junk as opposed to P4V that it's getting harder and harder to maintain that it's an RPG first, but I can still say without bias that it is. I mean its clear there are JRPG gameplay elements, just look at the FES expansion of Persona 3.

As for Dating Sims, its clear that genre has expanded as well. You're telling me all of this is not hardcore facts!?

Indeed, Persona 4 makes use of dating sim elements to deliver it's story, power up the MC, and progress the game.

It borrows so many elements that it's blurring the line between date sim and RPG pretty well, but at the end of the day it's fundamentally an RPG before it's a dating sim, and anyone claims otherwise either doesn't know what a date sim is or is trolling.

The main flaw with calling Persona 4 a dating sim with RPG elements is plainly that: the goal of the game isn't to date girls, and even if you do date girls, the ending doesn't change.

No matter who you date, Yu doesn't help Yukiko run the Amagi Inn, or help Chie protect Inaba, or become a sleuth with Naoto, or become an idol with Rise using his boyish good looks.I personally like 90% of the characters and think the writing is at least great, if not entirely stellar. Hell, even Jack Bros and SMT x Fire Emblem is Mega Ten.The faults people usually bring up with some characters (Yukiko, Rise, Marie) are actually in character for them and undertone the faults they are meant to have - Yukiko is slightly bland because she was sheltered all her life (and she knows this! Rise is attracted to the protagonist because he's the first one who's not only interested in her image of "Risette", but all aspects of her. Were it not for SLs, Persona would be mostly the same as the main SMT games (look at P3 the answer), with no identity of its' own.From over here, you look like you're the one who doesn't know what he's talking about, or at least can't make the distinction.Keeping fully in mind that I have no issue labeling Persona 4 as an RPG with date sim mechanics or even an RPG social sim hybrid, because it is.Input your name and age and pick the gender you want to play as then enter into a world of speed dating.