I do alot of audio recording on my computer, I am a medical transcriptionist, but just got into vido editing, nothing major like making movies, but taking comercials out of movies I've recorded and the like, currently it takes me a few hours to convert a full length movie .But I think that is just going to be a hobby for now I am using Microsoft office 2007 alot.alot of software stays running on my computer at once, like medical dictionaried, the playback software, so I am constantly switching between windos and sometime it freezes up.Item=N82E16820145439 As far as being cheaper to replace the whole system bucks for 1 gig of ram is a good price but it really depends on what you need the computer to do.

updating bios on hp a520n-39

Поскольку опции для выбора флешки нет, надо проследить, чтобы на компьютере присутствовала только одна флешка.

В результате флешка переформатируется и на ней создается структура папок.

NVIDIA n Force System Management) or by Device ID (i.e.

В i Python мои (черновики) упражнения с Python, в разделе "Mining" собраны материалы по R, Rapid Miner, Weka, Gate..., в "Projects" фрагменты старых и заготовки для новых исследований... Пока я сообразил, что это более поздняя программа для W7 c обратной совместимостью (работает и на Vista), а искать ее надо во всех конфигурациях.

Казалось бы, для восстановления\обновления BIOS идеально подошла бы "загрузочная" флешка, вставил, нажал, выбрал... Итак, компьютер при включении зависает с подсвеченным "черным экраном", перед зависанием появляется недпись вроде вот этой: "Press Escape to enter Menu", но войтив меню BIOS, естественно, не удается.

Гуглопоиск "восстановление биос на ноутбуке hp" неожиданно быстро вывел на толковый пост. А наши умельцы сконструировали халявный бубен, коим я и воспользовался.

If your computer originally came with Windows XP or earlier, press F10 to enter recovery instead of F1 This package contains the Win Flash Utility and a System BIOS image for the supported notebook models and operating systems.

The Win Flash Utility is used to locally flash the System BIOS (ROM) on notebooks operating in a Microsoft Windows Vista environment.

I did not look real good into your motherboard specs to see if this is a dual channel board but that is something you will need to look closely at if you decide to upgrade ram as it it directly related to performance. and know how to find serial numbers, but to upgrade, I need to know exactly what to look for.. Run Everest and in the tree on the left open motherboard and then highlite motherboard and copy and past the info here. thanks Again, Lisa Field Value Motherboard Properties Motherboard ID Explorer403.003/19/2004-$n FORCE Motherboard Name Asus A7N8X-LA (Explorer4) Front Side Bus Properties Bus Type DEC Alpha EV6 Bus Width 64-bit Real Clock 200 MHz (DDR) Effective Clock 400 MHz Bandwidth 3200 MB/s Memory Bus Properties Bus Type Dual DDR SDRAM Bus Width 128-bit DRAM: FSB Ratio 5:6 Real Clock 167 MHz (DDR) Effective Clock 333 MHz Bandwidth 5333 MB/s Chipset Bus Properties Bus Type Hyper Transport v1.0 Bus Width 8-bit Motherboard Physical Info CPU Sockets/Slots 1 Socket 462 Expansion Slots 3 PCI, 1 AGP RAM Slots 2 DDR DIMM Integrated Devices Audio, Video, LAN, IEEE-1394 Form Factor Micro ATX Motherboard Size 240 mm x 240 mm Motherboard Chipset n Force2-IGP Extra Features CPU Overheating Protection Motherboard Manufacturer Company Name ASUSTe K Computer Inc. Product Information 2 Second SPD from EVEREST: Field Value Memory Module Properties Module Name Hyundai HYMD232 646B8J-J Serial Number 6334DDFBh (4225578083) Manufacture Date Week 19 / 2004 Module Size 256 MB (1 rank, 4 banks) Module Type Unbuffered Memory Type DDR SDRAM Memory Speed PC2700 (166 MHz) Module Width 64 bit Module Voltage SSTL 2.5 Error Detection Method None Refresh Rate Reduced (7.8 us), Self-Refresh Memory Timings @ 166 MHz 2.5-3-3-7 (CL-RCD-RP-RAS) / 10-12-2 (RC-RFC-RRD) @ 133 MHz 2.0-3-3-6 (CL-RCD-RP-RAS) / 8-10-2 (RC-RFC-RRD) Memory Module Features Early RAS# Precharge Not Supported Auto-Precharge Not Supported Precharge All Not Supported Write1/Read Burst Not Supported Buffered Address/Control Inputs Not Supported Registered Address/Control Inputs Not Supported On-Card PLL (Clock) Not Supported Buffered DQMB Inputs Not Supported Registered DQMB Inputs Not Supported Differential Clock Input Supported Redundant Row Address Not Supported Memory Module Manufacturer Company Name Hynix Semiconductor Inc.