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By Mike Leber This page was developed in order to provide metrics for global IPv6 deployment. Please send questions, comments, or bugs to [email protected] tools for this report were developed while working on a paper titled "Going Native" about Hurricane's experience of adding extensive native IPv6 peering as a result of a core router and backbone upgrade.

The root nameservers contain NS records listing the nameservers for the Top Level Domains (TLDs) and A and AAAA glue records to get to those nameservers.

Top level domains include domain name suffixes such as etc. To support IPv6 these nameservers should: Generated by parsing the root zonefile to get a list of TLDs and their associated nameservers, querying for AAAA records for the names of those nameservers and checking for AAAA records in the root zone for those nameservers.

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