During my seven years living in New York City I reached the same conclusion as pretty much every other city girl I ever consulted on the subject: Dating in NYC is the WORST.

If you’re gaming younger girls, small class sizes ensure that your prospects are at maximum two degrees of separation from each other.

I’ve ejected on promising leads because they were friendly with a current girl and I didn’t want to deal with the inevitable drama. It helps to have girls in different types of professions: one girl who’s an artist, another who’s an accountant, and another who is a doctor.

Men in small towns are most affected by the Big Brother triad of Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In.

Word of who’s dating who travels fast and social circles frequently overlap in these areas, causing headaches that a busy man has little time to deal with.

Men in this sphere almost universally dislike Facebook, but it can be a powerful ally if used correctly.

If you have a profile, lock down your security settings, especially those of who can search for you and whether your profile is public. Still, it can be tough to be gay in a small town or rural area. With the internet came a new outlet for seeking the understanding and company (all be it digital company) of others who feel similarly outcast.If they do, you can go with the classic Heartiste “it’s complicated” or the more nuanced “I like you but I prefer to keep my options open and see where things go.” As a bonus, you don’t have to devote as much brainpower to keeping your stories straight.Get them comfortable with following your lead on plans.But now that I've temporarily moved back to my hometown, I'm looking back on love in the city with the faintest of rose-colored glasses.