You can confirm the same by looking closely after , you will see his thighs moving just before the chair starts moving.The second ghost incident shows the boy standing over a wall, and later claims to have been pulled by the ghost as he falls over his mother again.

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These bats are not releasable due to wing injuries or other handicaps.

The bats will wake and come out to eat, cluster together and vigorously groom about 8 to 9pm CST.

CVM news, Jamaica was sent to cover the story of the boy being attacked by ghost, and the video footage shows the same.

The video on right is the slow and enhanced version of the original one, that will explain that it is not a real ghost incident.

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This story of ghost attack got further more attention when a pastor comes to the rescue of the boy and is shown to perform some rituals to chase away the ghost.

The video on right shows the boy being claimed to have been pushed again by the ghost while the pastor supposedly talks to the ghost and agitates the same.

But when you watch the video closely at , you will observe that the boy leans himself forward and does a similar act of being pushed away by a ghost.