Two years of poor sales have led to an equilibrium where the only reason to buy a Wii U is to play Nintendo’s line-up of first-party releases. Not counting Mario Kart 7, which came out for the handheld Nintendo 3DS in 2011, it took Nintendo six years to release Mario Kart 8 for the Wii U.That would be fine if Nintendo were able to crank out its titles like entries in the Call of Duty franchise, producing games to keep bringing fans back for more. While those games were best sellers on their respective consoles, that’s a between releases — a kid who got Mario Kart Wii for her tenth birthday could drive an actual car by the time she got her hands on its sequel.

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Take your date to the races, go-kart racing that is! Once you’ve printed off Dice 1, write down one item of clothing on each side of the dice.

Whether you mini-go-kart, go-kart, Mario Kart Wii, or fastkart racing you’re going to have fun! If you choose Dice 2, write down a piece of clothing on the 3 blank sides.

Yes, people love Nintendo’s various franchises, but even if the company can practically be assured that hardcore fans will buy several of its games for the Wii U, with too few consoles out in the wild it can’t profitably sell the games it spends years developing.

This small install base also keeps third-party developers from releasing titles on the platform, as it becomes impossible to recoup money invested in porting games over from more successful systems.

Cut them out, fold them with the crease right above the star and you’ve got a food tent!

Luigi Limeade-Brazilian Lemonade Luigi FLUDD-water Golden Coins-Tortilla Chips Fire Power-Nacho Meat Toadstool Toppings-sour cream, salsa or guacamole, chopped cilantro, and shredded cheese Power Up Veggies- diced tomatoes and shredded spinach Yoshi Eggs-cantaloupe, honeydew, watermelon, grapes, or strawberry watermelon sorbet- use scooper to make eggs (balls) Yoshi Eggs-Treats- peanut butter or peanut M$M’s Power Up Snacks- energy bars Golden Coins- Lemon Heads Star Power- 100 Grand Fire Power- fire balls, Hot Tamales, cinnamon Bears Toadstool Pops- suckers, Tootsie Roll Pops or cake pops Luigi Limeade- soda, limeade, Brazilian lemonade Luigi FLUDD- water bottles Now it’s time to get moving, moving fast!

Enjoy a bit of friendly competition, get your adrenaline racing, strap in, and have a blast! You two are going to play a game of private Mario Kart Wii.

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Sony’s Play Station 4 has sold five times that since its launch last November.

As a company that sells both hardware and software, a small install base is terrible news for Nintendo.

Pick a date, time, and location for your action packed night, decide if date night is just for you two or if you are inviting all of your friends to join you.