When a stranger shows an interest in a man, they get aroused.

Many people adore hearing about the sexual exploits of the likes of Hugh Hefner, Tommy Lee, Warren Beatty, Mick Jagger, etc. Even our president gets caught engaging in oral sex with a young woman in the oval office and he remains married and has become more popular than ever.

The ability to sleep with many women is linked to the ideas of having power, status and money, all things that the average husband strives for.

These men are more likely to have a relationship with any willing female and to allow that relationship to end quickly or immediately than are women.

Women committing adultery tend to initiate an affair for some “greater purpose” than lust.

Recent studies indicate that males are more likely to engage in adulterous activity for the sexual experience only, than are women.

Although this is not a rule, we do see more instances of men cheating on their wives purely for the physical act of sex.

If the affair is detected, it appears that a wife is more likely to stay with an adulterer husband then the opposite, thus sending the message to the males of our society that even if they do get caught, it must be acceptable because “so and so” had been cheating for years, got caught and his wife got over it.

Society also tells men that having sex with as many women as possible is the way to go.

This argument implies that like some animals, men want to procreate and “spread their seed” to as many women as possible.