I thought it was funny that as the daughter of Lady Luck, Roxanne had such a bad streak when it came to finding her true love but I loved one of the comments in the book where she was told sometimes you need to have a bad relationship to prepare you for the right one.

As much as it broke her heart, I think it prepared her to know what she wanted and when she met Maverick, she was able to recognize there was something more.

nothing much, there are a couple of pages which try to get the readers to sympathize with the leads about their tragic past(Cupid's Ex-wife had poked him on the butt with one of his own arrows, come on!!

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Maverick is stumped over why his company has failed to find love for Roxanne.

As the only complaint, his high tech computer program has yet to fail and in all honesty, as Cupid himself – he has the lovers touch and gift for good matches.

When I’m reading a romance novel, it’s easy to picture the hunk of a man, all rippling muscles and yummy goodness.

He’s everything you fantasize about and you’re reduced to a drooling mess.

As you fall more in love with the hero, I like to be able to put myself in the shoes of the heroine, imagining myself the receiver of those delicious kisses, the one that’s being ravished and devoured.

But my mind automatically pictures a slender woman and being of the curvy variety myself, I cheered that Roxanne is a woman after my own body type.

Such a great couple and I enjoyed the way they sizzled.

Eve Langlais is an author who provides addicting reads.

This was what their parents had hoped for – Aphrodite and Lady Luck have plotted for their children to fall in love for centuries and the time has finally arrived.

But both Maverick and Roxanne carry painful scars from past relationships and want to make sure what they feel for each other is more than blistering lust but the foundation for an eternity of love.

I kind of expected him to be a womanizer at first and was so grateful to learn that he wasn’t – he was the kind of man girls dream of marrying.