For those unaware, Olivia is an R&B singer who has released two solo albums, but whose vocals are probably better known for her work with G-Unit and 50 Cent; most notably being featured in the rookie G-Unit album, “Beg For Mercy,” and as the female vocals on 50 Cent’s #1 song, “Candy Shop.” She’s also been romantically linked to 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, and Maino, though again – littler to no confirmation there.

Revis does have two children, born to other women: daughter named Deyani and son, Jayden.

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If connecting the dots like we’re won’t to do, it appears that Darrelle Revis began dating Olivia in 2008 and called it quits by mid 2010.

Neither party had confirmed the relationship until they appeared on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop, where Revis confirmed to Olivia’s current boyfriend that Revis & Olivia had not dated in over a year.

Many ladies have linked to the player, including Fabolous’ baby mama Emily Bustamante of “Love & Hip Hop.” But Revis’ who is a daddy of two adorable children appears to be single, although we doubt that will last for much longer.

In the meantime he keps busy with son Jayden Revis and daughter Deyani Shavae Revis.

Emily Bustamante was a fan favorite on the first season of Love & Hip-Hop.

On the show she shared her story as a young mother of two, her love for fashion and her rocky relationship with boyfriend, rapper Fabolous. Here are some of the new looks that are available for at But boo keep it real stop crying about Fab aka John when Darrelle has been personally consoling you in this situation.Ladies don’t put your dirty laundry out there especially when you look like the only fool in the situation.Ironically she purchased a watch for the “There Is No Competition” rapper as well. Celebrity News, celebrity news and gossip, christmas gift, emily b, emily bustamante, Fabolous, featured, Gossip, Latin, Latin Trends, Latina, Latino, latintrends, love & hip-hop, love and hip-hop, magazine, rolex, trends, Vh1 Media Take just got word that EMILY B, star of the reality show Love & Hip Hop is pregnant. Our bet is FABOLOUS – the two have been ON-AND-OFF for the better part of a decade. Celebrity News, celebrity news and gossip, emily b, emily bustamante, Fabolous, featured, Gossip, hispanic, Latin, Latin Trends, Latina, Latino, latintrends, love and hip-hop, magazine, Pregnant, trends Over the past few years, Fabolous’ public appearances with singer Adrienne Bailon while he was in a relationship with Emily B has made for lots of chatter and rumors over the internet. According to a new interview from Emily B, Fabolous has never dated Adrienne and they are all chummy good friends. I actually feel bad for her at this point because she can’t get rid of it, but we laugh at it. If this girl doesn’t find a whole row of seats & sit ALL the way down… I’m in that weird in between stage where I’m not where I was, but I’m also not ready to date anyone else. I’d like to date someone with a normal life, like a school teacher. And our favorite Lovely Latina, Emily Bustamante, took our editor Bernadette Giacomazzo’s advice & put that no-good Fabolous out on the curb with the rest of the trash. Now, in the new episode (airing next week), Olivia & her manager talk about the lack of opportunities thanks to her lack of a career (ouch, baby — maybe leaving G-Unit wasn’t the best thing for you…). And Kimbella (Juelz Santana’s baby-mama — our condolences, Juelz) fights with Emily some more — turns out that Fabolous and Kimbella had a, uh, relationship around the same time that Emily got pregnant with Fab’s son. Word is that she spoke with one of the producers about how they could “use a pregnancy” in next season of the show. But Emily has ALSO been recently linked to NFL stars MIKE VICK and DARELLE REVIS. Emily Bustamante, best known for being Fabolous’ “baby mama” & being the star of VH1’s trash-tastic “Love and Hip-Hop” show, recently gave an interview where she talks about how the show “was supposed to be all about her & Fab.” Hija…! In fact there’s a teacher at my daughters school that I have a little crush on…I’m just kidding. Where's the woman who will not allow him to be a loose canon sleeping with whatever comes his way?