But most of those in attendance appeared eager to get started.

Every three minutes organizers rang a small bell to signal it was time to change partners.

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Within the scope of these events, Wertheim Village presents itself as an attractive employer, introduces itself and several of its boutiques and discloses exciting job offers. On our , Wertheim Village Facebook' page you will find information about upcoming dates and events.

You will meet the human resources managers in a relaxed atmosphere and get the chance to snatch a second interview or even a probationary workday.

At the Longest Table we share a meal and get a glimpse into one another’s lives and unique experiences, across the diversity that makes us a vibrant and vital community. There’s nothing more quintessentially American than a town hall meeting.

A project of the City of Tallahassee, Leon County Government, Leadership Tallahassee and the Village Square. Franklin and the tradition of invention & association that has always made America unique, we’re inviting college students from around the community to join us for “Company, Chat, a Laugh, a Glass” and “wise Sentences.” Join us as we Eat. It’s how the business of American community has gotten done from just about the moment the first disaffected European foot hit ground in the New World.

.com's "Femme for Femme" speed dating night, which touts itself as an event for "single, sexy, feminine, lipstick lesbian and bi-sexual women...specifically tailored for the 'girly' girls," kicked off at p.m. Attendees paid $30 each to sit across from one another in two long rows, trying to make themselves heard over the blaring jukebox.

, who founded On Speed Dating two years ago, said she organizes speed dating events for niche groups ranging from fitness fanatics to those interested in men taller than 6 feet 1 inch.Harry Potter’s going to do well no matter what.” Along with coming in costume, Hu recommended that guests, “Come prepared with information about what house you’re in and to ask nerdy questions.” In other words, muggles need not apply.At the July event, the depth of fans’ enthusiasm for the theme was pretty clear with costumes including Moaning Myrtle, the ghost who haunts a toilet at Hogwarts and the trolley lady also made an appearance. The upcoming event will be geared towards setting up men with women, though prior speed dating events have been for men meeting men and women meeting women. Jessie , 21, a Hunter College women and gender studies major, said that the evening was a success — and added that it was a pleasant introduction to the lesbian dating scene.In a time when too many town hall meetings make national news with fistfights (egged on by professional polarizers who make big money – or win elections – if we can’t stand each other), we think it’s past time that neighbors get reacquainted, break a little bread together now and then, remembering how being neighbors used to work.Attendance is normally capped at 60 people so reserving a space is recommended as it also helps to make sure there’s not an imbalanced number of male and female guests.