Ratigan, this and that.’ I was like: ‘Does anybody have for an iced coffee and a pack of cigarettes?’ ”Serendipitously enough, also living in the townhouse were the mogul’s girlfriend, Susan Bloomberg, the ex-wife of financial media billionaire Mike Bloomberg, and the Bloombergs' teenage daughters Georgina and Emma.“Then they were like: ‘Why is he yelling at everybody?

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He says he sees his mission as holding our political leaders’ feet to the fire—even if it means insulting and assaulting them.

It’s hardly surprising that President Obama’s many spinmeisters—who are otherwise ubiquitous on MSNBC—are all but absent from Ratigan’s program.“The White House is largely afraid to come on,” he says, adding that Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and top presidential adviser Larry Summers “are afraid to come near me…Because I am so hard on them for their economic policies that I believe are destructive to our country long-term.

And despite his resemblance to a budding Howard Beale, the angry anchorman from Paddy Chayefsky’s Network, the 38-year-old Ratigan is appealingly self-aware, happy to acknowledge his hyper-intensity. show) ended when he ranted at the shocked congresswoman that she was implicated in the rising share prices of health insurance companies, berated her for relying on “talking points,” then cut her off, muttering: “This is a waste of time! “Nothing pisses me off more than somebody who has the audacity to come into the theater, if you will—which is what I consider that box to be—and be either intellectually dishonest or effectively just try to do talking points,” Ratigan tells me.

“I apologized to Debbie not because of the talking points…I apologized to Debbie because I felt that my behavior was so abnormal for the medium, and was so upsetting to people, because people were like, ‘That guy just completely lost his temper on that congressperson! I felt that while my anger and frustration were valid, it is not ultimately beneficial or appropriate for me to take it out on a particular politician—and so I regret losing my temper.”On the other hand, Ratigan has no regrets about tossing Tea Party organizer Mark Williams off his show in March when Williams refused to repudiate “racists and Nazis.” "I don't want to continue with this, you're wasting valuable oxygen,” Ratigan informed Williams before pulling the plug.

Over lunch, Ratigan explains: “Racists and talking points piss me off.

And I will flip out.”This “caffeinated crusader” approach appears to be working: Since January, when The Dylan Ratigan Show debuted at 4 p.m., the audience has been growing, eyeball by eyeball.

I then would use my days to interview for jobs…The insanity of this was that I was living in [the parking mogul’s] brownstone, a mansion on 62rd Street between Lex and Third, to which I had the keys, although I did not have a penny to my name.

So I am living in this house with butlers, and they are like, ‘Mr.

When the government solves problems in an explicitly unfair manner that doesn’t address the actual problem, I feel like it is my obligation professionally to explain that, and try to address it. ”Ratigan says he decided to leave CNBC for more substantive reasons. I left because I felt that the opportunity to deal with the crux of the problem, which was a dysfunctional government, was at MSNBC.