What we thought set Consumating apart from the others was its sense of brand, focus on a certain audience and a clear vision of “what it was about”. I’d also be interested to know if you’re casually in touch with several other entrepreneurs on the web before getting to the decision to send that introductory email.Per my post, once we identified Consumating as an interesting company, we sent an introductory email. I don’t care for CNet anymore because they snatched up a business partner of mine (while working on a site together), and left our site (Guzzlefish.com) in the dust.

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As promised, many of the posts I'll do this month will discuss my experience with the M&A process, specifically at CNET.

We identified Consumating as a candidate through looking at the social media market, and identifying brands and services that we thought had great user/marketer potential.

There are tons of dating sites, and tons of social networking sites.

has these things, and uses them very effectively to create a unique (but easy) way to find new people.

How many other sites can help you find girls into comic books, PHP and Wilco in the Chicagoland area this easily?

Anyway, within minutes of talking to Ben, I realized that he has a great combination of confidence, experience and a fantastic sense of humor that immediately makes you like him.

The rest of the team felt the same way after meeting him.

Short version: our visions lined up, and we believe Ben and team are the right people to help us deliver on it.