There are many reasons to join and try out the services at American For instance, American Singles is a very user-friendly site and provides many fun and exciting features to help you connect and meet other singles.

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There's also a 'maybe' and a 'no' option as part of the Click feature.

Maybe means that you are not sure and that American Singles should remind you later to see if there is a change of heart.

We at USA Dating aim to provide you with a comprehensive list of dating sites aimed at Americans, with reviews and reccomendations.

Most US dating sites offer their users photo-profiles and chatroom facilities, but finding particular features applicable...

By clicking yes, American Singles will send that member an email showing a mixed group of members who has either clicked yes to their profile or other members' profiles that he/she might like.

If in turn, he/she clicks yes to your profile, American Singles will send you both an Click Alert email so you can take it to the next level.Starting off from the member's page, you will have access to all the available tools and pertinent information to do some serious American surfing.While you are browsing the landscape, be sure to take advantage of American Single's free and flirty features. It is a quick and easy way to let other singles know that you are into their profiles.Plus, the sheer vast number of great singles in their database avails many opportunities for you to truly hook up with someone for romance or friendship.Unless you are a stubbornly introspective person, signing up for your free profile is generally quick and painless.You will be answering questions about yourself, your interests and what you are looking for at American Singles.