2.17 Jack's car accident 2.18 The Jack and Jason fight 2.19 Jim Diamond suing the Stripes 2.20 Jack and Meg's On Tour Survival Guide 2.21 Jack's Malt recipe 2.22 Meg's Grandma's Corn Souffle 2.2 Becks Next Album 4.4 Brendan Benson project 4.5 Cold Mountain 4.6 Cold Mountain Soundtrack 4.7 Mutant Swinger From Mars 4.8 Coffee and Cigarettes 4.9 Rosemary's Baby 4.10 Nobody Knows How To Talk To Children 4.11 The Nissan sponsored Union Square gig 4.15 The Virgin phone fiasco 4.16 Tampon Lawsuit 4.17 The Stripeout Game 4.18 TV Appearances 4.19 When are they going to be TV again?4.20 Songs used in the movies 4.21 Newbie Concert collecting guide 4.22 Import versions of the albums 4.2 We're Going To Be Friends video 7.4 Fell In Love With A Girl video 7.5 Dead Leaves and The Dirty Ground Video Interpretations 7.6 Seven Nation Army video 7.7 I Just Don't Know What to Do With Myself video 7.8 Black math video 7.9 Hardest Button to Button video 7.10 Portland Oregon Video 7.11 Miss Being Miss Video 7.12 Jack's finger surgery video 7.1 Flying Bomb X-mas Surprise Package Vol.2 8.4 The Big Three Killed My Baby 8.5 The White Stripes 8.6 Multiball Magazine #19 single 8.7 Hello Operator 8.8 De Stijl 8.9 Lord.Jack took Meg’s name when they married, and they were together romantically until 2000, but (sort of creepily) called themselves “brother and sister” before the news of their marriage and divorce leaked.

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Who is meg white dating video

“I think we both have a healthy amount of respect for each other and that guides everything.

But it’s not without its hard work," the 34-year-old model said. There were times when Jack and I felt, ‘What is happening here? But it’s one of those moments in your life when you realise that you are a grown-up.”“You have a responsibility to your children.

“This is your box, and you’re not allowed to stray outside of it," he said, before weighing in with his thoughts on monogamy: “I gave that up a long time ago.

Those rules don’t apply anymore.”Jack White met British model Karen Elson in 2005 while shooting The White Stripes music video for their single "Blue Orchid," during which video director Floria Sigismondi said "you sensed an energy between them." Only a few months later the band's website reported their marriage "on the confluence of three rivers -- the Rio Negro, the Solimones and the Amazon..a traditional shaman priest on a canoe at the exact point where the three rivers met." White's ex-wife and bandmate Meg White served as a bridesmaid to Elson.

Obviously this is the definitive source of information of the band, which rings even truer with all these fancy writers with research budgets and book contracts running around these days.

I've just compiled info from a multitude of interviews, articles, and many people encountered along the way who could help out.

Special thanks to Johan (Astro) for basically doing the entire release info section as well as the great members of the Little Room that send me info all the time.

And please keep in mind, Are they brother or sister or husband and wife? 2.5 Jack's Upholstery Shop Days 2.6 Have they ever thought of adding another member?

That's about as likely as seeing him in a Spotify tee or listening to compressed files.