Recently she has been spotted around Washington at small gatherings, Allen in tow.Her husband, meanwhile, has been seen out and about with big time environmentalist and Democratic donor Elizabeth Keadle.Now, suddenly, simply everybody wants to know more about Allen, a once low-profile photographer and wine connoisseur who has been married, had a son, and was so discreet through it all he left few tracks in his wake.

The high-school sweethearts stuck together through the rearing of four children, Al's eight tumultuous years as Vice President, and through his devastating loss to George W. It seemed that life had eased up on them in recent years—heck, Al won a Nobel Peace Prize in 2007!

And who can forget the famous kiss at the 2000 Democratic Convention?

"But then, after 40 years of marriage, the Gore's pulled the rug out from under us all by announcing their separation.

They didn't divulge much, saying only that the separation was "a mutual and mutually supportive decision." Al And Tipper Gore Are Separating Well, like the rest of the country, the lack of information has driven us to speculation.

2 Robert Poole, describe him as outwardly friendly but basically aloof.

“He was a safe choice to run the magazine, averse to confrontation.He liked being sucked up to and did not make waves,” reports Poole.In his book Explorers House: National Geographic and the World It Made, Poole also writes: "Allen watched the magazine shrink, both in literal terms and in terms of the standing it had held within the organization.As much as we hope this is true, it wouldn't surprise many of us if it turns out that either of the two had strayed.Instances of celebrity infidelity are as rampant as ever.The incident remains one of the very few times the Geographic ever offered a mea culpa and corrected a story A far more successful endeavor was the magazine’s first swimsuit issue in 2003, which covered 100 years of bizarre bathing costumes.