But I've recently opened my land for a dating experience for all to enjoy no to low lag and fun adventure or relaxation.

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Or should i sit behind my keyboard fully dressed while my avatar is naked and performing the act of sex with my uninvolved? Its nice to be all hugged up on a pose while spending time with your partner but can we go out on a date sometimes?

I know many of the elaborate locations in SL are great to see if you can deal with the lag.

During this dinner which usually lasts close to 1 hour you are able to talk privately with your date and focus completely on getting to know them.

What a wonderful way to live a dating experience in Second Life.

If he sucks it up and makes an effort to change, he was just an insecure little douchebag and, hey, you helped him get over it!

If he doubles down on the whining and clinging, then he's a controlling dick and you're well rid of him.I don't know about the majority of ya'll but I am not an octopus.I need my hands for other things when im self pleeasuring with the aid of voice and avatar.We've been together for 10 months, and he often tells me that I'm everything in his life.I've told him that under no circumstances is this normal, and I've confirmed my right to have a life outside of him.He is also available for individual support and counseling. For the last 14 years, he has and still performs under the name of “Trends” in New York, California, Florida, and New Mexico.