I coach a girls hockey team on the weekends and one day during the week. Relationship wise I would like to meet someone who is outgoing, honest, Who am I?I´m a 25 years old bi-girl from Germany, enjoying my time here in Canada. I love interesting conversations, going out for dancing & drinking, hugging, listening to music, meeting new people.

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id like to find someone with that similar view on life.

i believe life is what you make it, so why not make in good, right?

I'm looking for a person who cares for the truth and has a strong believe in the …

I'm looking for someone who can make me laugh, someone who can be funny but kind.

Im looking for other lesbians for friendship, companionship and of course that special someone. the more confused I dont like to talk about myself very much. Havent really had luck meeting people so wanted to give this a shot. Well I've never been good at writing these but I'm gonna give it my best shot! Photography frees my mind and lets my true colors show. Fit and tanned from working at a horse facility that I manage and where I teach riding to adults and children who come to have fun and heal.

I love butch women, I am an attractive femme with an edge-not 29 year old, Bisexual, Single. I like mostly all sports especialy rugby and hockey. I'm an easygoing, warm hearted, fun gal looking to meet people in the community. I also farm a beautiful 1/4 section that butts the wonderful Qu´Appelle Valley. I am an artist and a prolific bibliophile (particularly fiction) with interests in activism and politics, but don´t let that deceive Well I'm a busy active girl looking for a woman around my age who can make me laugh, cry, and scream:).From Prince Albert, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada Here for Dates, A relationship, New friends, Friendship with other couples, Casual encounters, Chats, Networking Hey there! I would descrbibe myself as shy but come out of my shell quickly I enjoy many things in life and also have many passions. I have salt I guess i should start off but saying iam a lesbian i guess i i would classified as a lipstick lesbian but i do have my tom boyish side, like im toldally comfortable in a pair of jeans and bunny hug but than again im comfortable in High Heels hi there .i am a country girl new to sask i own my farm ..i breed and show ch boxers and english mastiffs.i am an outdoorsy girl,love bikes(harleys)camping,fir and bbq with friends. lol im hoping to I am a yoga freak i love to start my day off with yoga i feel soo much better after that i also love going for walks and curling up with a good book i love cooking i come froma big german scotish irish family so i know how to hi there my name is louise im a nurse in canada . id like a I like cooking alot(I am a chef :) I love all paople and am an open person.. I'm a farm girl who loves the outdoors, traveling, and daydreaming.my name is Sarah, friends call me Sarah Beara : P i am orginially from Regina, but i moved to Prince Albert over a year ago to attend school at SIAST- they are the only school in Saskatchewan that offer a Natural Resources diploma Hi , Thanks for stopping by. i love to go shopping dancing clubbing and the beach . My motto is live and let live, but dont hurt others! I have a wild side but am a great listener and stay The thing that I am most interested in is painting, I know it sounds kinda dorky...I´m pretty laid back and enjoy I am 25 with short brown hair, brown eyes, glasses. My favorite color is purpel and silver or Pretty much, I am very new to this. A good friend got me into I shamelessly admit that I am totally addicted to all of those lesbian TV series; L word, The Real L word, Lip Service, etc.Though deep down, I think I knew I did not really like men intimately. I'm creative, I have a tattoo on my shin, I'm Christian Hello everyone! Im a single 42 yr old lesbian in the city of Calgary. I may have even learned a thing or two from them, but the more I watch..I´ back in Saskatchewan, starting school in September. If you´d like to meet an honest soft butch don´t hesitate to drop me a line I´m often told that I´m kind of shy at first, but once I get comfortable I´m tons of fun to be around.