The concept relates to the following models and theories, among others: When we try to learn something ourselves, we usually try to understand and acquire the knowledge or skill in a simple direct way, typically using a single sense (reading, or listening).This can be challenging, especially if the knowledge or skill is very new to us, and/or outside of our natural strengths and preferences.Some quotes are deep and meaningful; others deeply amusing, like the alleged quotes from letters to the council.

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Aristotle (384-322BC) was a seminal thinker, philosopher and polymath, of Ancient Greece.

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There are in fact over twenty used vehicles, that is to say, an 'Iron Herd'.

Three vehicles work well enough to use, and the rest serve as mouse sanctuaries.

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Here is a simple small example of one such conception.

Known as 'The Three Modes of Persuasion', Aristotle defined this model for effective communications, especially communications from a speaker or writer to an audience.

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