This morning my Soul said this to me during a meditation and showing me as a symbolic image story of me as a precious gemstone lying buried just beneath the surface in the ground with a number of explorers looking to find me, that I, Janie, was a beautiful precious jewel that has been lying here buried in the ground. Only, it would be communication, communication, communication!

Nothing is more important than your relationships, because your relationships affect every part of your life. I loved the way that I felt when I was in love, with no question in my mind as to why or what that meant.

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For many of us, the holiday gift buying season is in full swing.

One of the all-time biggest gift wrapping questions we typically ask is "Do I have a box big enough to fit the item that I need to wrap?

Somehow, most of us have mistakenly been led to believe that love is enough to sustain an intimate relationship.

The truth is that it takes much more than love to be in ha...

” or “Conscious Dating” is an enlightened way of meeting and dating.

There are no rules or expectations, and it’s about being true to yourself, conscious of the other person and staying in the flow. We recommend supporting local businesses by purchasing the items below at your nearest earth-friendly co-op or green grocer. Remember, it’s all about the allure of caring for the planet...

Here's what she wrote to us-- "I dated men of various ...

Do you desire a relationship but never seem to meet the right person?

In a natural, harmonious intimate connection, there emerges a flow of giving and receiving, activity and stillness.

This mirrors the dynamic nature of the Universe and all life.

In truth, all relationships provide us with opportunities to...