However, it feels like she doesn't want to talk to me anymore.

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During the school year, it was very difficult to talk to her.

Now that I'm back home, I figured it would be easier to talk to her and get on like we used to last tear.

Texas, I guess the problem is that maybe you aren't around enough for her. I Made A Mistake I Regret Everyday Should I Make A Move Or Wait?

If she has said this to you, face to face, rather than using social media, then she's pretty serious about it because for her to say that and mean it, she would have owed it to you to say it face to face.I don't mean skype face to face. Help To Talk To My Friend True Love But She Loves Other About A Guy!

I'm not one to give up - I do believe I love this girl and I want to spend my life with her.

I'm here to be her strength and here to give even if she has nothing left to give.

I try to talk to her - teamspeak and skype are what we usually use - but whether it's just I don't know how to talk to her or she's lost interest in me, I have a hard time carrying on a conversation with her any more. I've tried to be around for her to comfort her and care for her, but I'm still outside the box and have a hard time communicating with her at all. How can I be here for her if she doesn't seem willing to talk with me now?

She's expressed that she feels like I'm the only one that isn't around for her right now. We'd talk about interests, family, just about everything under the sun last summer.

I've heard from her family, though, that she would skip classes and many other things to be around for when I got back from class and waited for me often.

She never told me about it, but I recently discovered she failed the school year waiting on me.

A piece of relevant information is that she told me herself about a month ago about school and various other problems that went on during the school year when she felt like I was ignoring her.