Back to top Note: Only the Primary Contact and other users the Primary Contact has added as Secondary Contacts can see the manage access feature.

Watch the Primary Contact and Passport Advantage Online Access video.

It explains The Administration Contact [if different from the Primary Contact] is your Site's designated contact for all administrative documents including Software Subscription and Support Renewal notices, software upgrade availability notifications and Proofs of Entitlement.

Also known as the Primary Site Technical Contact [PSTC], your Site Technical Contact maintains authorizations for support-related Web and tool access.

Once IBM has processed your enrollment form, the designated Site Technical Contact will receive a Support Welcome Letter that explains IBM support and how to use the IBM Support tools.

Use the links below to learn more about the key Passport Advantage Online contacts Primary Contact Administration Contact Site Technical Contact The Primary Contact is your Site's designated contact for all IBM communications regarding changes to the Agreement or other contractual issues. If the Primary Contact is the only contact specified, IBM will consider the Primary Contact to be the sole contact for all purposes and will deliver communications for all 3 contact types (Primary/Administrative/Technical) to your designated Primary Contact.

Once IBM has processed your enrollment form, your Primary Contact will receive a Welcome Letter that provides important information and explains how to access Passport Advantage Online.

Note: It is your responsibility to notify IBM promptly of any changes of address, including e-mail address.

Use the Self-nominate functionality to request access to PA Online for a Site.

Designating and maintaining your contact information is key to getting maximum value and benefit from Passport Advantage.