It's usually after a couple months sometimes sooner.

It may not be too early, but if you are having fun together there is no need to rush it.

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And in Response to Marxman, she hasn't brought any of those up yet. She's the one who initiated a kiss, she plays with her hair when talking to me, laughs, she texts me messages showing that she enjoys spending time with me, and she never makes excuses not to see me.

If something doesn't fit her schedule, she'll always recommend a day were she is free.

On our dates, we usually go out for drinks or go see movies.

I usually pay for everything, but she has stepped up and payed for our outings as well on occasion, even when I convince her not too.

Our dates aren't usually too long, usually about 3-4 hours because she has to get up early the next day for work.

She doesn't show very much affection, but we have kissed and have held each other during movies.

I don't think it's too early to have the exclusivity talk at all.

You can both want exclusivity at different times but there is no hard fast rule as to when each person actually craves exclusivity. If you would like to be exclusive now you can certainly lead that discussion with your own wishes and see where she falls on the spectrum.

I try to text her as much as I can, but she can sometimes take hours to respond, assuming because she's very busy.

I usually initiate contact, but there's been a few times where she has as well.

Her account is also up but I don't know how active she is on it, if at all.