Thanks to the World Wide Web, your dates can now do their due diligence before they meet you – they can, and likely will, do a background check on you on Google or check out your Facebook profile before the big first date. At the initial dating stage – flirting via text messages is exhilarating.

And let’s not even forget those countless rows of shelves at the book stores lined with relationship advisory pulp that delve deep into the male dating psyche (remember that book that spilled the beans on guys – He’s Just Not That Into You? Also, dating appears to be a much less formal and ritualized process these days, notes Elizabeth Lindsey, Ph D, a specialist in interpersonal communication on Discovery Health Online. You get to send naughty messages and sweet-nothings without bearing the consequences of having her see you blush – a little.

It’s a case of lateral dating versus vertical dating.

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Imagine if before you knew it, Singapore girls were handing you their phone numbers and asking you to call them and take them out.

And imagine if after that first incredible date you could see the secret signs that let you know that she wants you to kiss her…

You can use this as an excuse to pay for drinks after dinner – the perfect way to spend even more time with her.

Do: Get the bill – especially when you were the person who initiated the dinner date.

For personal calls, there was always the home phone.

Now many people are down to just one: their cell phone. It’s all of these things.” Los Angeles-based Burner is making it so you can have a phone number for each of your identities.

Do you bring it up that you know she adores Billie Holiday or that she just returned from a trip to San Francisco (’cos you saw new holiday photos on her Face Book profile - doh)?

Would that make you come across as a stalker or overly interested in her? Do: Ask her questions about her favourite movies, etc, even though it’s all spelled out on her Face Book profile page and you’ve read it like ten times.

and you were able to give her the kind of knock her socks off kiss she thought only happened in movies. Because I’ve created a totally free video series where I’ll walk you though how to do exactly that.