Sister websites for Ireland, South Africa and Australia are also available, but this site is really just for UK members. Parent Singles Near Me is an easy-use dating website for single parents.

Many of its members are in the UK but the site also contains sections for members in the USA, Australia, Ireland and more.

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Whilst its features are very similar to a number of other websites in this category, it is cheaper than several of those sites.

As you’ll see if you’ve read a few of our reviews in this category, a few of the websites we've reviewed share a... It provides tools to locate people who fit your preferences, as well as communication features to help you to talk.

You can send emails or talk using an instant messenger.

You can explore the site and its features for free, and the database includes plenty of profiles for you to browse.

Apps provide a lot of additional benefits as well, including easy access, easy use and so on.

About Single Parent Match: Single Parent is world's first, largest online dating platform for single parents.The representative of the site confirmed that the number of single parent dating apps is three times more than the users of websites.The research also revealed that the number of single parent dating app users would continue to grow in the times to come as well.Single parent dating app is gaining more popularity day by day as compared to the site.” He further added, “Various reasons support the trend and the same is likely to continue in the times to come as well .” Experts of the field confirmed that the reason behind the rise in popularity of apps is the marked rise of smartphones in the past few years.The number of smartphones has already surpassed the number of PC’s in the world and increasing at a blistering pace.You can chat, search for members, share photos and more.