Codependent people are classic image-makers because they have never experienced truly loving relationships.

Some of you probably fit the bill of a codependent person.

Dating a codependent woman Russia sex

As far as generalities go, men view women as weak, emotional, erratic, hormonal individuals in need of fixing.

They think the fluctuations in your moods produced by chemicals can be fixed like those loose shutters swinging back and forth from your window.

In order to do this you must learn to live, as much as you can, in a state of awareness.

Some people refer to this state as ‘The Now.’ If you want to avoid the stupid man you must live in The Now.

There are probably millions of men who are codependent and don't know it.

They are psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually stupid.

We have been conditioned to think that love must be earned.

You must learn to give love unconditionally as well as receive love unconditionally.

Mere men, on the other hand will seldom pick up a self-help book or seek out counseling.

In addition, spiritual men and women are looking to experience themselves outside the box.

Of course, what you are really offering him is temporary emotion.