And after they had done yelling, they would steep in the heated aftermath for a while, mumbling grisly things about each other that my brother and I would have to then listen to.

And it got even worse when my mom briefly remarried a guy who lived in a nice, two-story house with palm trees at the front door and a heated pool on the side.

“Why he decided to live in this conservative area, I have no idea.” The controversial property has turrets, bay windows and hand-cut timber framing, according to one of its builders, and appears to be two large houses “joined at the hip,” with another house gracing the acreage as well.

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The older kid is probably three, and throws affected fits on the patio where they keep the bar-b-que and colorful plastic toys.

Their arguments echo through the space between buildings, like the wail of an air raid siren screaming the inevitable end. I remember sitting in my mom’s Toyota ‘82 Land Cruiser starring out the window without protest when she told me that she and my dad were splitting up. Even though I didn’t fight it, kick and scream and ask questions, it was still surprising.

, has announced on his Facebook page that his divorce from wife, Kathleen Glynn, is final after over 22 years of marriage.

While the announcement is on Michael Moore’s Facebook page, and appears to be Michael Moore’s post, it is written in the third person and wrapped in quotes, saying: Along with this message, Moore has also included a link to Bruce Springsteen’s show stopping live hit, Rosalita.

But the source of real contention came with additions Kelly made on their Central Lake lake front home in Michigan.

The Mc Mansion type changes didn’t sit well with the notoriously liberally crusading Michael Moore, who has fashioned a persona of being part of the 99 percent, not the evil money hoarding, mansion building 1 percenters.My neighbors' yelled arguments sound equally fixable. It’s about always keeping milk in the fridge before someone asks that it be there; it’s about replacing that milk when you finish it without being told. Ironically, my parent’s civility towards one another diminished greatly once the divorce went through.While I remember maybe one argument between the two of them when they were actually married, I hardly remember a moment when they weren’t yelling at each other in the years that followed their separation.They yelled into phones, yelled across parking lots, yelled out of car windows.They argued about child support, about things they felt entitled to, about my dad smoking cigarettes with us in the car.The reports that reaching the divorce settlement saved Michael Moore from having to go to trial which would’ve hung out all his finances, dirty laundry and lavish lifestyle for all to see.