This horribly over-rated thing called love makes people lie, cheat and even kill.

Sometimes, I prefer it when somebody says, 'I didn't love him, I just fancied him something rotten,' instead of using the four-letter word as a justification for foolish, damaging and dangerous behaviour.

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Make sure to only use the ones who you have a good relationship with (and where you are making good grades! By showing the employer that you are a dedicated student, you are proving your willingness to learn. If you don’t have a few teachers you can call on, try using someone who’s observed your work ethic. This not only counts as experience, but also gives you valuable references.

Have you done any odd jobs, such babysitting or lawn care? Nicole on Yahoo Answers asked, “Can I use my fianc? ” Hi Nicole, did you ever have a working relationship with your fianc?? You want to use people who have directly viewed the way you work, whether it was in school, volunteering or the job itself.

This is the point at which you are thinking: 'She's just like all the rest - making judgments.' confided in anyone at all implies that you know, in your heart, the truth about this hopeless relationship. Therefore, I do not see how you can expect anything else from me.

You try desperately hard to persuade me that it isn't 'sleazy', but I ask you this: if you discovered that your own father was having an affair with a very much younger woman and describing it as a wonderful, amazing relationship based on love, what would your judgment be? Almost certainly, you'd angrily describe the girl as a 'cheap slut' or some similar phrase. It so happens that I would not use such an abusive phrase, but I do want you to know that I find your lack of empathy towards this man's innocent wife entirely unpleasant.

Now pain has overtaken pleasure, leaving me feeling confused and lonely. I'm not a horrible home-wrecker after cheap thrills, but I couldn't control how I felt about him.

I'm racked by guilt because of his child - but not his wife, wrong as that may be.I hope to go next year, but I worry that I've consigned myself to yet another year with him and will feel worse and worse. I've watched my friends move away to uni, and they have made new friends and are having the time of their lives. My parents are angry because I am often out for hours - meeting up with him (saying I'm with friends), when I should be looking for a job.My heart aches; I can't see any future for myself that does not involve him.Afterwards, we met as friends but, after a few meetings, became lovers.I'd had a mad crush on him at school, and so at first could not quite believe that he was finally 'mine'.Even if the employer does not request you give them references, always take a list of three with you into the interview.