However, although the "king of Israel" is generally accepted, the rendering of the phrase bytdwd as "house of David" has been disputed by some.

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A minority of scholars have disputed the reference to David, due to the lack of a word divider between byt and dwd, and other translations have been proposed.

The stele was not excavated in its primary context, but in its secondary use.

In the reconstructed text, the author tells how Israel had invaded his country in his father's day, and how the god Hadad then made him king and marched with him against Israel.

The author then reports that he defeated seventy kings with thousands of chariots and horses.

The majority of scholars argue that the author simply thought of "House of David" as a single word – but some have argued that "dwd" could be a name for a god ("beloved"), or could mean "uncle" (a word with a rather wider meaning in ancient times than it has today), or, as George Athas has argued, that the whole phrase might be a name for Jerusalem (so that the author might be claiming to have killed the son of the king of Jerusalem rather than the son of the king from the "house of David".

Mykytiuk observes that "dwd" meaning "kettle" or "uncle" do not fit the context.The names of the two enemy kings are only partially legible.Biran and Naveh reconstructed them as Joram, son of Ahab, King of Israel, and Ahaziah, son of Joram of the House of David.Scholars seem to be evenly divided on these identifications.It is dependent on a particular arrangement of the fragments, and not all scholars agree on this.I'm here to meet guys from 50 to 60 years old for dating, friendship, serious relationship and networking. I am honest,loving,caring,patience and god fearing..