with Jerry repeatedly referring to Dan as a Judas and accusing him of "hiding behind his cross." Jerry even stated at the veto meeting that he wanted Dan on the block because he believed he is a "Judas," to which Dan simply replied, "I understand." Jerry didn't use the veto that week.

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The House Guests are complete strangers for the first time since Big Brother 3.

Unlike previous seasons which featured 14 to 16 House Guests, the tenth edition will only feature thirteen House Guests.

Mary's Preparatory School and is the assistant coach of the school's football team.

He was good friends with Brian before he was evicted.

This upset Keesha who nominated Angie along with Jessie in Week 3.

She formed a short-lasted alliance with Jessie, Michelle and Memphis. April Dowling (born March 24, 1978), from Higley, Arizona, is currently working as a financial manager at a car dealership.

When he was 19, he worked as a Train Conductor for the Union Pacific Railroad.

In Week 1, Jerry nominated he and Renny; then he won the Veto and took himself off the block.

Dan Gheesling (born September 1, 1983) is a Catholic high school teacher from Dearborn, MI.

Dan teaches biology, physical education, and health at Orchard Lake St.

On Day 71, it was announced that Jerry had come second in the poll to find America's Favourite Juror behind Keesha.