This is not only to know who and how many people are going to a certain facility but it is also out of courtesy for the organizers that open the facility and sets up the nets.

Frank, who sets up for North Scott High School, would especially appreciate knowing who and how many players are coming. We encourage you to sign up for this program online with your computer ( or download the app for your smart phone and create your account there.

We’ve had players checking out several locations trying to find someone to play with, and we’re hoping this app will help.

Correct shot selection, placement, partner communication with special emphasis on the 3rd shot and net play.

To be a part of this class our coaches who teach the 200 skills class will choose those players with the 3.0 skills and ability who will do well in this format.

Members tossed flowers into the Mississippi in honor of women who have died as a result of domestic abuse. "One in three women will be affected by domestic violence in their lifetime," said Elephant Club member Chris Spencer.

"It is a very big problem, and it's not a problem of women, it's a problem of men." The group hopes to serve as positive role models for men, women and children in the community.

Evening and weekend sessions can be arranged per player request and availability of our coaches. 400 – Tournament Prep – Content will be how prepare for and to win in the tournament setting.

By invitation only and determined by our Coaching staff.You will learn the rules of the game, basic strategies and will be playing a game at the first lesson.Class times and additional details will be announced on this website when the classes are being held.You’ll also be able to see who else is going to be at that location.As we get in to the winter months and with so many places to play indoors, we encourage all members to use Meet Up.This class will follow the 200 session if enough skilled players are present.