Visit any dating site on the Internet and you will see ever growing number of adult personals ads seeking swinger couple, even single women and men, gay, lesbian and bisexual singles for swinging in various combinations or groups.Out activity of gay and lesbians have always been taken as bizarre and unacceptable by the society and hence they are known as queers or out personals.

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They are even now nit acceptable to the society and are looked down upon.

The case of swingers is similar though here the sex is between women and men both of opposite sex and hence within the biological norms.

Swinging is becoming very popular and prevalent that there are elite and private swinger club where couples go for wife exchanging and have sex with each others wives either in the same room or in different rooms as per their wishes.

Then these clubs and parties also offer group sex in varied female to male ratio.

What all this simply indicate that physical desires are respected more or given more importance age than the conjugal vows that state sex only between husband and wife.

So a swinger couple who do not rely on in conventional marriage norms and yet are happy swinging then for them swinging is justified if sexual gratification coming out of person from outside the marriage is acceptable to both.

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