singles are African American men and women who are not dating, and are unmarried.

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The premiere place for urban singles to meet, flirt and find true love.

Here you’ll find black men and women looking for the same thing you are-fun, friends and romance.

Many of them are columnists, authors, and life coaches.

Relationship Magazine This web site and magazines offers exclusive tips to black singles and couples.

Find exactly you want with extensive member profiles, photos, video introductions and more! Black Black Singles Network This network was developed to provide professional African American singles with an opportunity to meet, interact and have a good time.

Opportunities include happy hours, discussion groups, and occasional outings.It also offers a singles portal, a chatroom for lovers, and content for a better sex life. Scene Owned by First Beat Media, this web site is the premier ebony dating site on the internet.Why Are There So Many Black Singles Services Online?While the dating business in general is very profitable, the online dating business is dangerously lucrative.Many people choose to remain single, and casually date.