A veteran of the G8 protests "and various other things I shouldn't talk about", her four-year relationship came to a traumatic end over New Year. " Also on the lookout is Tommy Munroe, 21, a music student and singer-songwriter from Woking, Surrey, who stuck up a friendship with anarchists while performing on London's alternative scene.

Although an aficionado of young gentlemen who sport the "psychobilly" look - a rock subculture that marries punk style with Elvis-esque quiffs - she says that all she is looking for is someone to make her laugh. "I'm not expecting to run away with somebody lovely, but you never know your luck," he laughs.

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Anarchist speed-dating Bilingual Spend the evening getting to know other anarchists.

Francophones and anglophones will spending the evening 'speed-dating' members of the opposite language group in an effort to overcome typical language barriers.

"Things are pretty grim right now - and the poorest people are going to suffer the most," she says.

"But it's at times like this that you feel a sense of community, and anarchistsbelieve in mutual aid, in helping each other.

Think about it, bankers - everyone hates you, thinks you smell, and no-one listens. Ale Fernandez, Bristol, UK Proof of the "Anarchists just need a hug" theory?

Alex Chesser, Southend Anarchy is the rebellion against society, society is the rebellion against anarchy.

Better known for generating outraged headlines - the group was blamed by Fleet Street for instigating 1990's Trafalgar Square poll tax riots, and featured a regular page three "hospitalised copper" in its own newspaper - its activists have arrived upon a fresh tactic to advance the downfall of bourgeois society. This Valentine's night, the outfit once condemned by the Daily Mail as a "sinister urban revolutionary band dedicated to turning the nation's inner cities into no-go areas for the police" wants to help introduce curious insurrectionaries to each other for fun, friendship, or possibly more.

Dance if you want to True, the self-proclaimed "anarcho-speed-dating" evening will be a far cry from most events of its kind.

They believe in something and they want to find love, just like everyone else. I wouldn't dare suggest that they follow society's mores and get married though.

Heather, Willenhall Heather, going on today's figures, to make a stand against society's mores, perhaps marriage would qualify as a rebellious action considering how rare it appears to be now.

Seriously though, good to see an article about anarchism - it's grossly mis/under-represented in the media, and even a light subject like this is better than it being stuck within the pages of indymedia.