Top of Page When you click an Outlook item, the People Pane displays contact information about the person associated with that item, and the latest activity by that person.

I don’t see the People Pane There are a few reasons why the People Pane of the Outlook Social Connector might not appear.

Along with the Reading Pane, the People Pane also appears at the bottom of open Outlook items, such as e-mail messages, appointments or meetings, and contacts.

For example, your colleague Luis Alverca belongs to two social network sites that you also use.

Using the Outlook Social Connector, you can see his status updates, comments, messages and alerts from the social network sites, all in one location in Outlook.

Below that it says Upgrade Outlook Connector you must upgrade to the latest version of Outlook Connector (also in red).

There is a button beside it that says Upgrade Now but nothing happens when I click the button.

If you do pay for this, you can synchronize multiple calendars between different Microsoft applications such as Microsoft Outlook and Windows Live Calendar through Microsoft Outlook Connector.

Microsoft Outlook Connector also means you benefit from Outlook's spam filter which you can apply to Windows Live Hotmail's incoming mail so no more mails from fake political exiles requesting you to send your account details so they can deposit a million dollars in your account (I get these constantly and am starting to think that being a political exile must be extremely lucrative).

If you are in an organization that uses Outlook 2010 and Microsoft Office Share Point Server 2010, the Outlook Social Connector can automatically connect with your organization's Share Point sites, to display your colleagues' available activity items.

The Outlook Social Connector automatically updates information about your professional and social network contacts while Outlook is running.

Click any of the images to display that person's information in the People Pane.